Why OLine.ca Was Started
Scott Flory

Scott Flory, right guard for the Montreal Alouettes was named the CFL's outstanding lineman in 2008. To read more on Scott Flory you can vist his website www.scottflory.com.

While playing for the Montreal Alouettes of the Canadian Football League (CFL) the past several years I have met numerous fans of both football and the CFL. I have had the pleasure of talking specifics of football with many young offensive linemen and offensive line coaches who had a variety of questions on all aspects of the game. Both the players and coaches were looking for resources where they could find more information.

I started thinking about how the offensive line seems to be the forgotten position in football and there is not enough information available for athletes and coaches, especially at the grassroots level. I found this very troubling since offensive line is a very technical position and it takes a lot of different tools to develop a top offensive lineman.

There was an obvious need for information and today’s technology would allow us to share thoughts, ideas and tips on playing offensive line. The idea of a web site completely dedicated to the play of the offensive line was born. I hope this site will be an easy and efficient way for athletes and coaches to improve themselves.”

Founder of OLine.ca
Scott Flory

Our Vision

Our vision for Oline.ca is to be an online resource for athletes and coaches, specializing in the development and play of the offensive line. We are committed to bringing an innovative and efficient way for athletes and coaches to find and share resources. Oline.ca will become a social community where athletes and coaches can create new connections, share ideas, develop techniques, and have a better understanding of what it takes to play offensive line at any level. Along with the technical development, we will also focus on developing the athlete through education of training techniques and nutrition. We are committed to increasing the level of play of offensive linemen throughout football.

Our Mission

To advance the development of offensive linemen and offensive line coaches by providing education, tools, support, recognition and inspiration through a variety of events and programs.