Offensive Line Quotes

“Linemen are literally the unsung heroes of the game. Their situation is analogous to the infantry in warfare. They do the hard, bitter fighting for victory. As the generals reap the headlines in war, the backs reap the headlines in football. Yet in their hearts, the generals and backs know that victory and the accolades came to them through the work of the footsoldiers and linemen.”
-- Gomer Jones (Bud Wilkinson's line coach at Oklahoma)

“Defensive and offensive lineman control the game and true sports fans know that.”
--Dante Hall

“ If you are versatile, tough and smart you will be a successful offensive lineman.”
-- Grey Ruegamer(Offensive lineman for the New York Giants)

“We are offensive linemen, part of the o-line. Five guys working as a unit within the football team to establish the tempo and demeanor of the game. Our job description doesn't sound fun, interesting or flashy, nor should it. Those who know football know the game is won or lost in the trenches, along the line. We start the play and if we are good we finish it. We are the O-Line, we set the examples, we "LEAD FROM THE FRONT.”
-- Grey Ruegamer(Offensive lineman for the New York Giants)

“The heart and soul of any good football team is its offensive line. There's no position that requires more discipline or technique than offensive lineman. Success as an offensive football team hinges on their ability to control the line of scrimmage.”
--Scouts, Inc. January 16, 2006)

“To be a good offensive line requires more than just discipline or good blocking technique, it requires pride -- pride in yourself; your group and your team. A team with pride is a hard team to beat, because they're willing to do the little things that most teams aren't willing to do.”
--Scouts, Inc. (For January 16, 2006)